Emotional intelligence

by Regis Rossi

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Emotions have long been considered a sign of weakness. Composed and level-headed behavior have been given more value in society. Showing our sensitivities, disapproval or anger in public, for example, are avoided because these emotions tend to be considered inappropriate. Today, rather than suppressing our emotions, we are uncovering its hidden messages and using it to better our relationships. The credit goes to the psychologists who coined the concept “Emotional Intelligence” and popularized it. According to the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence is one of the ten key skills for professional success. This constitutes a real revolution in how we interpret our emotions and those of others. This masterclass invites you to discover what emotional intelligence is and how you can implement it on a daily basis, in your personal and professional relationships. Mobilizing your emotional intelligence means developing your ability to perceive your emotions and those of others. The stakes are high: quality of relationships, collective efficiency, cooperation and commitment, stress and conflict management, leadership. This masterclass will help you understand your own emotions or help you understand why those of others destabilizes you. You will be able to respond more appropriately to everyday situations without giving way to anger or despair. In this masterclass, you will discover what it means to be emotional intelligent and learn how to make your emotions a strength.

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