The art of public speaking

by Thierry Watelet

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Is there an art to public speaking? The art is in the ability to not just speak in public, but in expressing oneself clearly and knowing how to convince and excite your audience. Many of us experience fear when it comes to speaking in front of others. Your mind goes blank or you find yourself having difficulty finding the right words. However, there are certain techniques that can help alleviate these problems. Some of these techniques date back to the art of ancient orators. This masterclass looks back on the history of the great orators of all time showing how much is still applicable today. If you are used to panicking every time you have to speak, you will learn effective methods to express yourself with ease and above all, overcome your stage fright. This masterclass is led by Thierry Watelet, one of France’s most notable public speakers, lecturers and trainers. In this series of videos, he shares with you his knowledge in public speaking and the art of expressing oneself well. The course will help you develop your skills and also master essential techniques to convey your ideas effectively and take your audience on a journey. Let’s add the art into your public speaking!

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