Burnout Prevention

by Aude Selly

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Work is often linked to our identity, our personal and collective fulfilment, and is a source of personal freedom. In Latin, the word “work” is associated with the term “Tripalium”, a tool of torture once used by the Romans to punish rebellious slaves. Sometimes when our efforts at work are not recognized by colleagues, superiors or even clients, we end up giving too much of ourselves without realizing we are going beyond our own health. At this point, demotivation sets in and opens the way to burnout. Burnout is a recent phenomenon, characteristic of working conditions in the modern world, often starting unnoticed. But once the burnout process has begun, it’s important to respond right away. Burnout is not inevitable. It can be prevented by knowing how to recognize the warning signs. In this masterclass, Aude Selly shares her experience of her personal, professional and human journey. She explains the different phases that lead from euphoria or initial enthusiasm to exhaustion, both physical and psychological. Aude dissects the global phenomenon of burnout, exploring the psychological mechanisms that underlie it, while also exposing the keys to avoid it and/or coming out of it stronger.

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