Succeeding in Your New Role as a Manager

by Gauthier Helloco

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Taking on a new role as manager represents a major challenge, involving not only the acquisition of new skills, but also a significant change in self-perception and relationship with colleagues. The transition to management requires an understanding of team dynamics, effective communication, and change management. It is crucial to know how to balance personal expectations with those of the team and the organization, while developing a strategic vision. In his course, Gauthier Helloco addresses these challenges with a unique approach. He focuses on the emotional and practical aspects of moving into the role of manager, emphasizing the importance of successfully navigating through the first 90 days. Gauthier offers strategies for overcoming common pitfalls, like imposter syndrome, and building effective communication and a support network. This program aims to equip new managers with the tools to build a healthy team culture and ensure a smooth transition into the role of a manager.

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