Creativity and innovation

by Philippe Boulanger

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Creativity is the driver of innovation. Yet, in our daily lives and at work, we tend to fall into the same habits and patterns. Even our traditional education systems rarely inspire creativity and most often, encourage conformity and status quo. But in fact, we are all creative and we all have ingenious resources within us. It just up to us to find it, nurture it, and make it grow. In this masterclass, you will hear about the remarkable career of Philippe Boulanger and his philosophy on innovation that has led him to Apple, Sony and several other tech companies; he will share how your own self-knowledge and curiosity are the keys to opening the door to innovation. Creativity and innovation are the driving forces of start-ups in particular, which contribute to society’s development and growth. Established companies and organizations can take advantage of the tools and resources that startups use to spur innovation. In this masterclass, not only managers and employees but also entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are invited to explore the riches of creativity.

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