Push beyond limits

by Théo Curin

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Pushing your limits is exploring the field of possibilities, reaching beyond what seems attainable or achievable to us. But who sets these limits? Who decides what we are able to accomplish? It's simply the body and mind. Now we know today that the body is capable of much more, beyond the limits that the mind sets for it. The brain provides a margin of reserve. Our thoughts can also limit us, whether it's fear, discouragement, or lack of self-confidence. Théo Curin, a four-limb amputee, refused the limits imposed on him by his handicap. He became a Paralympic swimmer. But he is also a columnist and conference speaker. Who better than him could make us understand how to explore and surpass our true potential beyond the supposed limitations? In this course, Théo Curin shares his personal experience with you. He recounts, as he knows so well, the hospitalization, the amputation, and the desire to move past it and make a new start in life, realized through his contact with water and swimming. Based on his life story, Théo Curin entrusts you with his secrets of pushing beyond limits.

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