by Jean-Philippe Ackermann

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The events of life are in themselves neither good nor bad. It is the way we look at what surrounds us that gives what happens to us a positive, luminous connotation, or on the contrary, dark and pessimistic. This ancient wisdom is the basis of the principle of optimism, which can be defined as a different, more positive look at life and the experiences we are led to live. Studies show that 80% of our thoughts are negative. The result is a climate of anxiety and depression that is felt both in the news of the day, and in our discussions with our friends or family. However, most of the time we have no real reason to be unhappy and it is rather our state of mind that is in question, our way of looking at life. What if you could change your mindset, from negative to positive, from pessimism to optimism? In this masterclass, Jean-Philippe Ackermann leads you towards a new life trajectory. Rooted in optimism. It teaches you how to redirect your thinking and change your view of reality. You learn how to set positive goals and how to develop your self-confidence.

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