Reinvention and resilience

by Arnaud Collery

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Through his encounters all over the world and his own career, made up of successive reinventions, Arnaud Collery restores the fundamentals of personal transformation. In particular, he explores the concepts of reinvention and resilience, which allow people who have been victims of negative experiences or trauma to bounce back in life. This masterclass is meant for those who have either not yet found their way or those who wish to change their lives. Finding happiness and fulfillment is the right of every human being. Often failures or old traumas prevent us from moving forward. However, it is possible to react and not remain stuck. Some of us may be more naturally resilient than others. But all of us can learn to better bounce back after negative experiences. Arnaud Collery gives us tools to also walk the path of resilience and personal growth, a path accessible to all, provided you are willing to do the work to find your own purpose in life and take on the challenges that are to come.

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