Giving and Receiving Feedback

by Olivier Truong

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Understanding effective methods of giving feedback is crucial in professional environments. This not only helps improve performance and achieve organizational goals, but also fosters a culture of trust and mutual respect. Effective feedback, delivered correctly, can motivate employees, clarify expectations and guide them toward desired behaviors and outcomes. It is a key tool for managers and leaders to promote development and improve team dynamics. However, poorly delivered feedback can lead to misunderstandings, demoralization, and worse, conflict. Mastering the art of feedback is essential for any successful leader or manager. This masterclass is designed to equip professionals with these vital skills. Olivier Truong uses his rich background in business, psychology and leadership to offer a unique perspective on feedback methods. His approach combines practical skills with a deep understanding of human behavior, emphasizing empathy and context in communication. This course is not only about feedback techniques, but also about understanding the underlying dynamics that make feedback a powerful tool for personal and professional growth.

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