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by Biliana Todorova

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Neuroscientists, like Biliana Todorova, have discovered that we generally use no more than 1% of our brain's capacity. In other words, almost nothing. We have much greater mental potential than we realize, but we just haven't learned how to use it or how to access it. This masterclass is intended for all those who want to know how to increase your brain's capacities. Biliana Todorova presents 8 cognitive skills that allow us to manage the different situations in which we are not at the maximum of our potential. The brain can be limited by stress or fear, but it is also due to a lack of knowledge. This course presents techniques to be more efficient in saving time and knowing how to solve complex problems, which tend to destabilize us. The knowledge and methods you will acquire in this course will allow you to improve your professional career, but also your relationships with others, while increasing your self-confidence. Biliana Todorova relies on her own experience and on the results of her research in neurosciences, to transmit to you this essential knowledge to the full development of your potential.

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